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Past IARO Events

Presentations from the following IARO events are available to IARO Members. To download them, click  HERE

15th IARO Workshop, Hotel Saint James Albany, Paris, France - Wednesday April 11th, 2018
"A Dedicated Workshop offering participants the opportuinity to learn more about the CDG Express Project and to share best-practice trends in rail services to airports"

Guillaume Sauve, ADP Group
Presentations from Transdev
Michaela Vecinal, CAT
RIchard Dujardin, Transdev
Philipp Engedal, Flytoget
Frazer Brown, Heathrow Express
Martin Braun, IATA
Paul Le Blond, IARO
Matthew Coogan, Coogan Associates

14th IARO Workshop, Bergamo Airport, Bergamo, Italy - Tuesday September 26th, 2017
"What Type of Service is Right for You?"

14th IARO Workshop report

Emira Lanari, Regione Lombardia
Francesco Mistrini, SACBO
Giulio De Carli, One Works
Luca Bassani, RFI
Renato Redondi, ICCSAI + Sebastian Birolini, SACBO/University of Bergamo
Andrew Sharp, Policy Advisor, IARO
Martin Braun, Assistant Director Airport Development IATA
Fraser Brown, Business Lead and Director, Heathrow Express
Andy Saunders, Surface Access Strategy Manager, Manchester Airport Group

To view a photo gallery of the event, click HERE

13th IARO Workshop, London Heathrow Airport, London - Wednesday May 24th, 2017
"What do Good Air-Rail Services Look Like?"

Fraser Brown, Buisness Lead and Director, Heathrow Express
Paul Le Blond, Board Member, IARO
Matthew Lee, Head of Customer Experience Readiness, MTRCrossrail
Mitchell Stirling, Surface Access Policy Manager, Heathrow Airport
Liam Henderson, Founder, Transporting Cities
Richard Davies, Director, Insitas Ltd
Andrew Sharp, Policy Advisor, IARO
Chris Joyce, Head of Surface Access, Heathrow Airport

12th IARO Workshop: "Making New York's airport rail links world class" -  Four World Trade Center, New York, USA Monday 14th November 2016

- Thomas Bosco, Director Aviation Department, PANYNJ
- Paul Le Blond, Board Member, IARO
- Andrew Lynn, Director Planning & Regional Development, PANYNJ
- Chris Bastian, Associate Director of Transport Systems Analysis, MTA
- Winston Baijnath, Manager Airtrain, EWR
- Ruby Siegel, Vice President, AECOM
- Matthew A Coogan, New England Transportation Institute, Board Member, IARO
- Fraser Brown, Head of Business, Heathrow Express
- Massimo Corradi, Real Estate - Funding Programmes, SEA Milan
- Paolo Deforza, Infrastructure Department, SACBO/Bergamo 

11th IARO Workshop: "Trams and Light Rail Connections" - NH Hotel, Lyon St Exupery Airport, Monday 12th September 2016

- Andrew Sharp, Policy Advisor, IARO
- Julien Bert, rhônexpress
- Michel Burgat, Sytral
- Bruno de Saint Louvent, Aéroports de Lyon
- Paolo, Gruppo Class
- Massimo Corradi, Update from Milan
- Ross Nimmo, Glasgow

10th IARO Workshop: “Air-Rail Links: Who are our customers?" - Cranfield, Monday 13th June 2016

- Matt Coogan, Director, New England Transportation Institute
- Andrew Sharp, Policy Advisor, IARO
- Tom Budd, Lecturer, Cranfield University
- Hermann Orth, Public Transport Strategy Consultant
- Fraser Brown, Business Lead, Heathrow Express

9th IARO Workshop: "Air-Rail Links: What Works in North America?" - Washington DC, Monday 19th October 19 2015

 - Brandon Belford, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Aviation and International Affairs, US Department of Transportation
 - Charles Stark, Executive Project Director, Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project
 - Stephan A. Mehr, P.Eng., Director Business Planning, Metrolinx/Union Pearson Express
 - Lou Venech, General Manager, Regional Transportation Policy Development, Regional Transportation Policy Development, Planning Dept, Port Authority of NY & NJ
 - Matt Coogan, Director, New England Transportation Institute, New England Transportation Institute
 - Fraser Brown, Director, Heathrow Express
 - Paul Le Blond, Board member and Past-President, International Air Rail Organisation
 - Peter Thornton,Transportation Associates Pty Ltd


8th IARO Workshop: “Extending Rail Links at a Growing Airport” - SEA Milan Malpensa Airport, 15th June 2015 

- Paul Le Blond, Past President, International Air Rail Organisation
- Massimo Corradi, SEA Milan Malpensa Airport
- Laura Stiriti, Railway design and planning FERROVIENORD Nord Ing
- Roberto Ceresoli, Infrastructure Development Director, FERROVIENORD
- Lanfranco Senn, Senior Professor and Director of CERTet, Milan Bocconi University
- Simon Earles, Planning and Surface Access Director, Heathrow Airport
- Mark Walbrun, Practice Leader for Rail & Transit, Hatch Mott MacDonald
- Dr Peter Pfragner, Commissioner for Intermodality, Frankfurt Airport

7th IARO Workshop: "Rail links to Airport Cities" - Manchester Airport, 16th April 2015 

- Paul Le Blond, Past President, International Air Rail Organisation
- John Twigg, Group Planning Director, Manchester Airports Group
- Martin Lax, Head of Policy and Research, Transport for Greater Manchester
- Nick Donovan, Managing Director, First TransPennine Express
- Stephen McFarlane, Head of Community & Stakeholder ENgagement, HS2 Ltd
- Thomas Kreij, Head of Commercial Services, Swedavia Stockolm Arlanda Airport
- Hermann Orth, Research Assistant and Doctoral Student 
- Paul Neal, Principal Consultant, Parsons Brinkerhoff 

6th IARO Workshop: "Air-Rail links in the planning stage - London, 18 November 2014

- Paul Le Blond, President, International Air Rail Organisation
- Simon Earles,  Head of Surface Access, Heathrow Airport
- Malcolm Parsons, Senior Programme Development Director, Western Route, Network Rail
- Ross Nimmo, Planning and Development Manager, Glasgow Airport
- Matthew Coogan, Director, New England Transportation Institute
- Andrew Sharp, Policy Advisor, IARO 

5th IARO Workshop: "Which air-rail service - metro, express or commuter?" - Stockholm, 16 September 2014:

- Paul Le Blond, President, International Air Rail Organisation
- Tomas Kreij, Head of Commercial Services, Swedavia Stockholm Arlanda Airport
- Per Thorstenson, Chief Exectuive, Arlanda Express
- Ulf Lundin, Managing Director, Arlandabanan
- Julia Gregory, Head of Airport Development, Gatwick Airport
- Hermann Maier, Technical Director, Jacobs SKM

4th IARO Workshop: Effect of EU on Air-Rail Links - Brussels, 10 June 2014

- Gabor Nagy, European Commission
- Andrew Sharp, IARO
- Massimo Corradi, SEA Milan Airports
- Paul Le Blond, IARO
- Stephan Jugelt, European Railway Agency

3rd IARO Workshop: Airport Rail Stations - Dallas, 9 April 2014 

- Paul Le Blond, IARO
- Peter Pfragner, Fraport
- Matt Sibul & Kevin Cox, Salt Lake City
- Steve Salin, DFW
- Mark Walbrun & Paul Neal

2nd IARO Workshop: Air-Rail Branding Workshop - Gatwick Airport, 17 September 2013

- Paul Le Blond, IARO
- Julia Gregory, Gatwick Airport/Matthew Labuda, Angel Trains
- Simon Earles, Heathrow Airport/Daniel Smith, Heathrow Express
- Stephan Mehr, Union Pearson Express

1st IARO Workshop: High Speed Rail and Airports - Birmingham, 15 July 2013

- Paul Le Blond, IARO
- Peter Pfragner, Fraport
- Stephen Macfarlane/Stefano Minini, HS2 Ltd
- Michelle Thurgood, Birmingham Airport.

Presentations from other IARO events are available to members by contacting Patrick Hicks.